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Case Reports in Urology is a peer-reviewed, Open Access journal that publishes case reports and case series in the areas of andrology, endo-urology, erectile dysfunction, female urology, gender reassignment surgery, incontinence, infectious diseases, infertility, neuro-urology, pediatric urology, urologic laparoscopy and robotics, urologic oncology, urologic reconstruction, urologic transplant. Interview with: Keith Rourke Division of Urology, Department of Surgery University of Alberta Northern Alberta Urology Centre (NAUC) Edmonton, Alberta with John W. Davis Online Content Editor Department of Urology, Division of Surgery MD Anderson Cancer Center The University of Texas Houston, Texas Recorded August 2, Read the latest articles of Urology Case Reports at, Elsevier’s leading platform of peer-reviewed scholarly literature.

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This 26 year old gentleman was involved in a road traffic accident which caused an open pelvic fracture, urology case studies. What test is this? What does it show? What management options are there? What are the long term Read more. This 38 year old gentleman was seen in clinic 2 weeks after admission with acute right loin pain, urology case studies. What does this CT show? What are the possible treatment options? What are the different forms of shockwave treatment? What are the side effects of this This 48 year old patient had haematuria and some dysuria, urology case studies.

Investigations revealed red patches in the bladder and this image. Bladder biopsies revealed urology case studies lesions in the bladder, urology case studies. What is the likely diagnosis? What are other tests would you undertake?

What is the A 15 yr old girl presented with left abdominal pain after being accidently being kicked by her horse, urology case studies.

This is the CT scan A and B — what does it show? How are these injuries classified? How can this be managed? How should urinary leaks be managed? This patient was This 62 yr old male was referred to the haematuria clinic with visablehaematuria. What are the 2 main findings on the CT? What is the incidence of the congenital anomaly? How does it arise? What genetic conditions can this be associated with? What symptoms do these patients Blood tests revealed a haemoglobin of 9, urology case studies.

Whose syndrome is this? What is the underlying diagnosis and what genetic disease This 55 year old female was seen in the urology clinic with an incidental finding of a right renal masswhich on CT imaging contains a significant amount of fat. What are the abnormalities shown? What should be done next? What are the possible causes? How does a MAG3 renogram He had complained of left inguinal swelling and pain 2 weeks prior and was admitted with a suspected incarcerated inguinal hernia.

He was subsequently discharged on antibiotics. The swelling in his urology case studies groin disappeared A 56 year old gentleman presented 3 weeks after having had a low anterior resection, partial cystectomy and loop ileostomy for diverticular disease with abdominal pain. His bloods were normal, with a creatinine of and normal inflammatory markers. He underwent a CT scan. What do the CT images show? How could A 72 year old man presents with acute renal failure and uraemic symptoms.

He has a past history of prostatic carcinoma for which he had external beam radiotherapy and is currently on a LHRH analogue with a stable A 72 year old man presented to his GP with a one week history of a painless left testicular lump found on self examination. What do the ultrasound images show? What are the differential diagnosis of testicular lesions in this age group? What investigations are needed? What is the first treatment step for each A 72 year old man sent by his GP to the medical admission unit with few weeks history of bilateral urology case studies pain, generalized malaise and loss of appetite.

Abdominal USS showed empty bladder with A 34 year old lady who was 26 weeks pregnant presented to the maternity unit with a 5 day history of gradual onset right loin pain, urology case studies.

Her right loin pain worsened over a period of a few hours and an urgent ultrasound of the kidneys was arranged. What does the above This 32 year old lady presented with left loin pain, urology case studies. What does the CT scan show the rest of the CT is unremarkable? What is the diagnosis? What may the other symptoms and signs have been? What are the most common organisms causing this condition?

What treatment would you A 78 year old man presents with recurrent urinary tract infections and more recently, passed air and faeces in his urine. What abnormality does this CT scan show? What investigations are usually urology case studies What are common causes?

How are they usually This is a CT scan from a year-old woman who had undergone urinary diversion more urology case studies 20 years earlier, urology case studies, now presenting with signs of left pyelonephritis and a metabolic acidosis What does the CT show?

How may this be related to her urinary diversion? How should she be This is a year-old woman with a history of left renal calculi who presented with recurrent left flank pain and a Proteus urinary infection.

What does the CT scan show? What further investigations need to be performed? How should the condition be This is a plain abdominal X-ray in a year-old Indian man with admitted as an emergency urology case studies an 8-week history of left flank pain. What does the X-ray show? What other investigations are needed? What treatment is This is a CT scan in an year-old man who presented with haematemesis and was found, on upper GI endoscopy, to have a posterior duodenal ulcer with a duodenal diverticulum.

What abnormality is shown on the CT scan? How can this abnormality be explained? This is urology case studies CT scan in an year-old man with invasive bladder cancer treated by chemotherapy alone and a previous right nephroureterectomy for an ureteric tumour.

He urology case studies been experiencing haematuria despite a recent normal check cystoscopy. What does the CT show? What other investigations should be performed?

This is the abdominal CT scan of a year-old urology case studies who underwent endoscopic resection of multifocal, right-sided bladder tumours followed by single-dose, intra-vesical Mitomycin C.

She was re-admitted 12 hours later with increasing lower abdominal pain, frequency, dysuria and poor urine output. How has this condition arisen? This is the scrotal ultrasound scan of a year-old man who developed a painful, swollen left testis 7 days after an episode of bilateral parotitis.

What does the scan show and what is the most likely diagnosis? How might the diagnosis be confirmed? What is the treatment? What is the long-term This is an abdominal CT scan of an year-old woman with a 6-month history of left flank pain and recurrent urinary infections who was pyrexial on admission. There was a palpable, slightly tender mass in the left hypochondrium.

What does the scan show? What is the initial management? What further measures are


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